6 Best C Programming Language Books

6 Best C Programming Language Books

6 Best C Programming Language Books

6 Best C Programming Language Books


C programming language is a general-purpose, structure and procedural oriented language. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Lab in the year 1972. This language is the mother of all modern languages. It is used to develop the operating system and device manager as it directly interacts with hardware and also it is used to develop general-purpose software too. This is also a very easy language to learn and implement its features. I have come across various books to learn it. I have found six books which are very good. You can read and study any of the following books to learn C-Language.

This is a very good book for Beginner as well as an Experience learner as it provides extensive coverage of all the C language concepts.  

In this book, all the important topics such as different operators and their expressions, input and output statements, loop statements, arrays, pointers, functions, structure, character and strings, preprocessors, and all the essential features of C Language are explaining in-depth and lucid manner. 

This book contains a large number of quizzes with well explain answers which boost the confidence of the learner. 

This book can be very helpful for undergraduate students of BCA, BTech and as well as self-study material for programmers.

I have read lots of C language books for the last 23 years of my teaching career and I must say this book C in Depth by S.K.Srivastava/Deepali Srivastava is the most a lucid and in-depth explanation of every topic with a good number of questions. 

This book contains lots of programs with an in-depth explanation the core concept of the program with easy to understand approach.
It also contains over 400 exercises for the reader with hints and solutions. I think this will definitely help the new learner.

This book includes all the important chapters such as operators and its expressions, Bitwise manipulation operator, input and output statements, loop statements, arrays, pointers, functions, structure, character and strings, preprocessors, Recursion and all the essential features of C Language are explained in-depth and lucid manner. 
New chapters on project development and library creation, code optimization, assembly interactions, and operations on bits are included for the enrichment of the reader.
I strongly recommend this book for beginner and also for experience programmer as a reference to enhance their skills.

ANSI C Programming by Yashavant Kanetkar is the well-explained book for C Language for the undergraduate as well as postgraduate students. 

I have found it well covered C Language book as it contained more the twenty chapters. Yashavant Kanetkar a well-respected author of several books. 

I have read his C (LetUs C) and C++ books from which I have gained good concepts of C programming as also C language enrichment as a middle language. 

Programming in ANSI C is very helpful book for the first time learner of C language as well as it also meant for BCA, BTech and MCA students.
This book contain all the programming topics with lots of example with well-explained nuances of the very core concept of C programming language.
The comprehensive exposure of all the concepts, such as Arrays, Strings, Functions, Pointers, Structures, Dynamic Memory Allocation etc. makes this book a complete helpful guide for the beginners as well as experienced readers.

ComputerFundamentals and Programming in C by Reema Thareja 

This book is meant for beginner as well as for the experience level reader. 

This book divided into two parts. Computer Fundamental and C-Language.

I find it well coverage of all the C-Language concepts as well as case studies, plenty of well-labeled examples, key terms, and chapter-end exercises. 

It also contains programming tips which will clear doubt and avoid common mistakes for the students.

C:The Complete Reference by Herbert Schildt  (Author)

This book contains a complete reference of each keyword, data type, and operator and Complete descriptions of the entire C function library.

Deep explanation and discussions of pointers, disk I/O, and dynamic memory allocation, Real-world algorithms and applications, such as stacks, queues, trees, sparse arrays, and sorting.

It also contain Al-based searching techniques and also contain new features by C99, such as restricted pointers, Boolean and complex data types, the inline keyword, variable-length arrays, and the long data types

Well explained C language keywords with examples make this book awesome. 

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Learning any programming language is very easy if you have one or more books which I have mention. Enjoy reading!!!!