Three best 10 years books for ICSE exam 2020

Three best 10 years books for ICSE exam 2018

First Book
ICSE is a very important exam for student’s life. A great number or position will make a great career. So it is important to read and study good books for the examination. ICSE Class 10 students previous read 10 years Question and Answer book. In this regard I strongly recommend ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers Chapter wise Class X for 2018 Examination Superior Publications, it is an awesome book. 

It is very helpful to students in preparing for exams. Over the years there have been frequent changes in the patterns and trends in the paper setting. This volume will positively help a student to develop deep insight into the subject as well as chapters and prepare him/her to attempt questions from various angles. Students will also be acquainted with the design of units and distribution of marks within the chapters of specific subjects. Also, after going through this edition of book students will benefit from the advanced knowledge of the type and style of questions asked. As the book contains an ample number of previous years' solved questions in the subject-wise and chapter-wise form, so I think this is a very good 10 years book.
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Second Book

ICSE 10 years question and answer book

It is also very good and useful book for ICSE 10 exam preparation. This book contains year wise question and answers for the last 10 years. So if any student follows the last ten years pattern of the question then he or she will definitely score good marks in the ICSE 10 final exam.

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Third Book

ICSE Last 10 Years Solved Papers Class 10 For 2018 Examinations (Bengali Paper Included) By Gurukul Books & Packaging
This is another great book for ICSE 2018 exam.It contains ten years solved materials by a team of experienced teachers. 
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